Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 Ways to Create a Custom Fit Refrigerator in Your Kitchen

Custom fitting a refrigerator using custom cabinets is expensive. If you have existing cabinets and your new fridge leaves a huge gab, it looks terrible.

There are a few ways you can make your refrigerator look like you custom fit it into cabinets on a budget.

Basically, these are all ideas for useful ways to fill in that open space surrounding your refrigerator to make it look like it was custom fit into the space no matter how old the cabinets are...finish reading...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eco Friendly Crafts

Looking for a few eco friendly crafts that will use up some of those recycled materials you have laying around the house? I decided to group all of my eco friendly crafts in one spot, it just seemed to make sense.

Over the past few months I have started focusing on creating eco friendly purses that use vintage fabric, eco friendly shopping bags to take to the grocery store, and fun ideas to get kids to go green.

Check out my newest blog: Eco Friendly Crafts
Hope this keeps your eco friendly crafts organized! I know it has already helped me!

How to Make Shelves with Baseball Bats

Looking to incorporate some baseball themed storage in your home office or child’s bedroom?

These simple baseball inspired shelves are a great way to display a collection, books or even toys.

You can make these simple basebal bat shelves in less than 2 hours. You should expect to pay about $50 or less. You can really save some money if you use existing baseball bats to make the shelves...finish reading...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Textured Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing: Grass Wall Paper Kitchen Cabinets

Grass wall paper is an awesome way to resurface old or outdated kitchen cabinets on a budget. You can use grass wall paper to add interest and detail to almost any type of kitchen cabinet if you prep the surface and pay attention to existing details on your kitchen cabinets...finish reading...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Places to Find Discount Pottery Barn Furniture

Discount Pottery Barn furniture seems too good to be true, then you will be happy to find out that is simply not true.

I come across discount Pottery Barn furniture all the time. No, you do not have to treck through a flea market either!

I love furniture and over the years have noticed that discount Pottery Barn furniture can be found at quite a few sources...finish reading...

Friday, November 30, 2007

5 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom for Free

With the Christmas fast approaching, I thought we could all use this stree free home decorating idea. Kids can also benefit from a relaxing bedroom. Just think, gettin ghte kids to fall asleep faster because all those distractions are gone!

I personally love anything free, so free realxing bedroom tips are right up my ally!

You can create a relaxing bedroom in a few simple steps and with zero money! To turn your bedroom into a sanctuary where you can retreat from the world and recoup, try following these steps and tips...finish reading...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 Ideas for Eco Friendly Headboards

Eco friendly headboards are one of the latest trends in designer bedrooms.

There is no reason the rest of use can't afford an eco friendly headboard as well. I love redecorating bedrooms.

With the huge emphasis on eco friendly furniture, headboards fit right in as a great way to create the look while considering the effects on the environment.

So, here is a look at some eco friendly headboard you can make yourself!...finish reading...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Retro Magnet Kitchen Back Splash Display

This retro kitchen back splash is the perfect way to show off your magnet collection. Whether you collect retro magnets or simply have a retro kitchen, you will love this awesome magnetic back splash!

My favorite aspects of this retro magnet kitchen back splash is that there is no construction involved. Yes, that is correct.

The other great feature of your magnetic backsplash is that you can constantly change the retro magnets any time you want!...finish reading...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to Install a Brick Tile Wall

Brick walls are a huge design trends now. You can use premade brick tiles to tile any plain old wall and add some industrial flare to your home.

Check out your local home improvement store for pre made tiles that look and feel just like brick.

They are about ¼ inch thick and can be installed on any flat surface in your home!This is a fun way to add an industrial brick wall to nay room in your home on a budget..finish reading...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets with Birch Branches

Birch branches are a fun and rustic way to resurface kitchen cabinets. I love this look in a sweet little kitchen in the city, to give the feel of nature in an elegant and unique way!

You can add birch branches that you cut down to size to create a whole new look on the front of your kitchen cabinets for very little money, but a little bit of time.

By the way, you can buy Birch branches to resurface your kitchen cabinets from the local nursery or florist if you do live in the city and do not have access to a live tree.

Link to learn how to resurface plain kitchen cabinets with birch branches...

Friday, November 2, 2007

New Holiday Crafts

In an effort to get all the holiday crafts separated and easy to find I start two new sites.

You can can find Christmas Crafts at

You can find Thanksgiving Crafts at

Hope that helps! I am going to try to limit this one to vintage inspired crafts, shabby chic crafts, vintage home DIY projects, and retro kitchen crafts.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Craft Videos

Here are some links to simple Halloween craft videos. Most use recycled materials from around the house to make Halloween decorations.

Halloween Candle Stick Craft Video - You can use recycled coke bottles to make candle sticks in a spooky theme for your dinner table this Halloween.

Mummy Candle Votive Halloween Craft Video - Ok, this one is my favorite! The materials are free and this Mummy Halloween decoration is too cute.

Pumpkin Light Cover Craft Video - You Can make your own light covers to add to your strings of Christmas lights. Kids will love this simple Halloween craft! Parents will love this craft because it is free.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

How to Build a Platform Bed with Cinder Blocks and No Tools

You can build a cool platform bed using cinder blocks as the base. If you do build your platform bed and have wood floors, you will want to follow the additional instructions for adding felt or wrapping yor$u cinder blocks.

This will keep your homemade platform bed from scratching the floor. So, If you have ever need to build a platform bed without any tools, then you will absolutely love this simple homemade plan for a an affordable platform bed.

To Build a Platform Bed without Any Tools You Will Need:

Cinder blocksPaint (optional)
That's all folks

Click to read instructions....

Monday, October 1, 2007

Funky Pink Furniture for a Little Girl's Bedroom

Funky pink furniture for a little girl's bedroom is a fun way to add color, energy, and design in any room in your home.

You can transform existing wood or laminate furniture in to funky pink modern furniture that will have yoru little girl the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood.

Let your little girl help you transform her existing night stand, headboard, or even a dresser into a piece of funky furniture and you have great weekend project she can enjoy or years to come!...Link...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

About Exotic Wood Countertops

Exotic wood counters top are a high end kitchen counter trend that is sweeping expensive homes across the nation. If you are looking for the next hot kitchen trend to sweep the nation the way slab granite kitchen counter did, then take a look at exotic wood kitchen counters.

My first experience with exotic wood kitchen counters was when a family member started working for a company that sold exotic wood counter tops. I had never heard of using expensive and rare woods on kitchen counter tops, I thought butcher block kitchen counters were the only wood kitchen counter top trends out there.

I have to admit once I started seeing samples of exotic wood counter tops and getting to view finished results, I was amazed at the simple and striking beauty of these rich wood kitchen counters...finish reading...

New Wheel Thrown Coffee Mugs

Just thought I would share some new wheel thrown mugs with you. I am in love with the retro purple coffee mug. My poor photos do not do the purple mug justice!

I won't be adding these to my store at Etsy, but I thought they would be fun to share!

I am more than happy to make custom orders of mugs for your retro kitchen, vintage kitchen, or any style kitchen! Contact me through my Etsy page and we can discuss color and style options.

I have tons of photos of my mugs, so I bet you might find one you like! Hey, maybe two! These mugs also make great gifts. Add a packet of cocoa or a tea bag or two and wrap them for a simple Christmas gift for any age.

New Wheel Thrown Coffee Mugs

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Make Your Own Vintage Looking Halloween Tablecloth

Vintage Halloween decorations, vintage Halloween toys, and plastic vintage Halloween decorations are fun collectibles. If you are lucky enough to come across some vintage Halloween tablecloths, plastic decoration or even jack O lanterns, then you have to worry about that little price tag.

Vintage Halloween tablecloths in particular are a favorite of mine. Vintage Halloween tablecloths are hard to find and expensive when you are lucky enough to come across one.

You can easily make your own vintage Halloween tablecloth that is new, but will fool everyone!So, take inspiration from vintage Halloween fabric and vintage Halloween tablecloths!

To Make Your Own Vintage Looking Halloween Tablecloths You Will Need...finish reading...

Monday, September 24, 2007

3 Ways to Customize Your Couch Slips Covers

Custom couch slip covers and sofa slipcovers are just too expensive for my meager budget.

You can take pre made couch and sofa slip covers and customize them in so many ways.These ideas for custom couch slip cover embellishments will fool family and friend into thinking you spent quite a bit on custom slipcovers for your furniture!

Fabric paint is an awesome way to customize any couch slip cover or chair slip cover. Fabric paint can be used so many ways on the slipcover.One of the most affordable ways to use fabric paint details on the slip covers is to dip a small paint brush into some fabric paint.

Use it to outline any piping detail on the chair or couch slipcover to create a custom look...finish reading...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celebrity Themed Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make Yourself: Make Your Own Britney, Paris, and Lindsay Inspired Costumes

In a celebrity obsessed world what would be a better Halloween costume than a celebrity themed girl fight? Why let the celebrities have all the fun. You can keep your friends entertained for hours, plus they won’t have to stay glued to the TV watching spoiled celebrities bicker back and forth.

Here are some ideas for celebrity themed Halloween costumes; you’ll have to supply the catfights.So, with many celebrities, like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears having a signature look there are quite a few simple things you can do to create Halloween costumes so you can look like you favorite celebrity.

Get a group of friends together, each of you can be a celebrity, and you can spend the whole night picking petty fights with each other. Don’t forget to have a friend dress up like the paparazzi!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vintage and Retro Kitchen Decor

Check below for links to vintage kitchen crafts, retro kitchen appliance sources, retro kitchen hardware crafts and more.

I have been using and decorating with retro kitchen decor for years and have come across quite a few sources.

If you are on a budget, then check out the link to the robins eggs blue paint on the video links above.

This color would be perfect for retro kitchen cabinets.

Magnet Recipe Board Craft

This Magnet Recipe board is the perfect craft for a kitchen. You can use simple pre cut materials to make this magnetic recipe board and keep your kitchen more organized.

I love kitchen accessories that look great and keep your organized. Your magnetic recipe board will look awesome and be the perfect place to display family photos, treasured recipes, and all that art work the kids bring home!

To Make a Magnetic Recipe Board You Will Need..(link)...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Vintage Fabric and Retro Fabric Purses Are Being Listed Tomorrow

Here is a sneak peak at some of the retro fabric purses I have been making.

I am loving this retro fabric. I decided to use the vintage fabric to make purses, but it really wold have been lovely made into retro kitchen curtains, retro kitchen pillows for a window seat, or even retro kitchen towels!

Oh, well, they are still cute and should be up on my etsy store, Retrofied, sometime tomorrow evening!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Retro Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

This retro kitchen accent wall idea is the perfect way to get an instant retro kitchen for less than $25. Retro kitchens are a huge design trend in today's hot kitchen design market.

Investing in super expensive retro kitchen décor and retro kitchen appliances is just not always an option.

So, try creating this retro kitchen accent wall on the first wall you see when you walk into your kitchen. This way you will see your retro kitchen art the minute you walk in and set the tone for your vintage kitchen with retro flare!

To Make a Retro Kitchen Accent Wall You Will Need..(click to finish reading)...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Budget Kitchen Counter Updates: Vintage Key Mosaic Kitchen Counter Tops

Looking for an easy and vintage look for updating your kitchen countertops? Check out these mosaic vintage key counter tops.I love Vintage Key and I love redoing kitchen counter tops on a budget.

So, if you are looking for a quick way to update your kitchen counter tops on a budget, then try making these Vintage Key Mosaic Kitchen Counter Tops.

These Vintage Key Mosaic Kitchen Counter Tops are an easy DIY craft project that repurposes old Vintage Key into an updated and affordable Kitchen Counter Top material. The addition of vintage Key and small glass tiles is all you need!

Well, the, some outdated kitchen counter tops, some vintage keys, and some time!This easy Vintage Key Mosaic Kitchen Counter Top craft project is perfect for anyone who likes to decorate with a vintage or shabby chic look in his or her retro or vintage kitchen.

Vintage Key matched with small square tiles are the perfect material when you want to redecorate with a vintage look in your home.

Click here to read how to make this fun retro DIY project...

By the way, you can use this same technique on picture frames!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Retro Kitchen Hardware Made from Vintage Fabric

You can make some retro kitchen hardware for your kitchen cabinets using vintage fabric from your stash. I love using vintage fabric in usual ways and these retro kitchen cabinet hardware and draw pulls are an awesome project!

Don't worry; your retro kitchen hardware made from vintage fabric is durable, affordable, and great looking in a retro kitchen.

To Make Retro Kitchen Door Knobs from Vintage Fabric You Will Need:Heavy great interfacing or craft bon, Vintage fabric, retro fabric, or vintage Feedsack fabric,Pinking sheers and Grommets.

Click here to finishing reading how to make your vintage kitchen cabinet hardware...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vintage Inspired Halloween Crafts

Vintage inspired Halloween crafts are a great way to incorporate your love of all things vintage into your Halloween décor. I love to decorate with vintage items in my home.

Over the years I have made quite a few Vintage inspired Halloween crafts that are perfect for decorating your home. I have a 1930's paper jack-o-lantern that was my grandmothers when she was a child, which has been the main inspiration for all of my vintage inspired Halloween craft projects.

Here are some suggestions and ideas for creating your own vintage inspired Halloween crafts:

One of the first vintage inspired Halloween craft projects I ever did was to make a jack-o-lantern out of a metal can. It was a Folgers coffee can that was about to find its way into the garbage. I decided to use tin snips to cut out a face, then I painted the entire metal can with a rusting faux treatment kit I found at Lowe’s. I made the entire can look like it was really old.

Then I put a candle in it and used I for a great centerpiece on my coffee table. I have also made this project by painting the can metal can with orange paint and then rubbing gel wood stain on it to make it look old.

(Keep reading for more of the crafts for your vintage Halloween home....)

I will try to get the inspiration photo up later today.

Just wanted to let you know

Some more vintagr fabric purses will be going into the store later this week.

There will be about 10 more retro fabric and vintage fabric purses as well as some more hand made mugs.

These would all make wonderful bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, or coffee lover gifts with a vintage flare.

Each is hand made and truly unique.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Retro Tablecloth Head Board Craft Project

Making a Retro Tablecloth upholstered headboard is an easy weekend project. I always find great vintage tablecloths at the flea market and yard sales. They can really be super affordable.

They also come in a variety of sizes that would fit a twin bed headboard al the way to a king sized bed.You can complete this Retro Tablecloth headboard project in one day, for less than $100.

The cost of this upolstered headboard will depend on how pricey your Retro Tablecloth is...(link to intructions)....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

How to Paint Your Bathroom Counter with Krylon Make it Stone Textured Paint

(That is my bathroom counter before and after.)

Granite counter tops are one of the most popular trends in home design. Whether in the bathroom or kitchen granite counters can completely change the look of a room. Krylon Make It Stone Textured Paint is an affordable option for transforming existing outdated laminate counter tops into a design feature in you home.

Krylon Make It Stone Textured Paint can be purchased at almost any local home improvement store or hardware store for less than $10 a can. I have even seen it at super stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

While it is easy to apply and there are directions on the side of the can, there are a few additional steps you can take that will help you achieve a more professional finish on your laminate bathroom counter tops.

Using these steps you can achieve clean lines, even coverage, and long lasting durability on your faux granite counter tops...finish reading...

Friday, September 7, 2007

How to Build a Retro Breakfast Bar Out of a Wood Door

Adding counter space to a small kitchen is easy and affordable to do! You can use a pre made wood door and a few other materials to make a custom retro breakfast bar.

I love this retro kitchen breakfast bar craft project because it looks great, can be easily custom fit to your small kitchen, and costs so much less than a new counter!

If you have an exceptionally small kitchen, then try using one part of a bi fold door that has a smooth surface to make a retro table and breakfast bar.

You can add a ton of counter space and a fun place for the kids to eat breakfast with these narrow doors.

To Make a Retro Breakfast Bar You Will Need..(click to finsh reading)...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Retro Kitchen Curtains You Didn't Know You Had

Retro kitchens are a hugely popular trend in kitchens today. If you spent all yoru money on those new retro looking kitchen appliances, then here are some ideas for basically free retro kitchen curtains you didn't even know you had.

Retro Table Cloths

For these retro kitchen curtains all you need is one retro tablecloth per window and two push pins. Simply iron your vintage tablecloth nice and crisp and flat.

Now, pin the retro tablecloth to the window frame. Center the tablecloth in the window. If your table cloth is to large or two small this will be the neatest fit you can do.

You can allow extra fabric to hang down on either side.For more privacy with sheer retro tablecloths, try folding them over and pining into place.

Need more ideas? Keep reading...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Decorating a Retro Kitchen on a Budget

Decorating a retro kitchen is a great way to bring back the past while updating your kitchen into one of the latest trends in home décor today. Retro kitchens are bigger than ever.

Creating a retro kitchen on a budget is a great way to add value to your home, show your personality, and start some great conversation the next time you have friends and family over.

Even if you aren’t on a budget, these ideas can help get you started...finish reading...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mosaic Halloween Shower Curtain Craft Project

So, I thought I would give a some fun vintage Halloween decorations ideas. You can make new Halloween decorations with a vintage touch for any room in your home.

This Halloween Shower curtain is a fun way to decorate the kid's bathroom for Halloween this year. If you have been searching for the perfect Halloween Shower curtain, then look no further.

You can make your own Halloween shower curtain for very little money! Be sure to give your paint colors a vintage paint color by adding a touch of burnt sienna paint or brown paint to them!

Click here to read how to make this vintage Halloween mosaic shower curtain.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Using Vintage Furniture in Your Retro Bathroom

Using vintage furniture and accessories in the bathroom is great way to create a custom design in your home bathroom. Vintage furniture is ideal for the bathroom for many reasons.

Vintage furniture is a great way to add storage to a small space. Vintage furniture in the bathroom is also a great way to add inexpensive art to the walls in your bathroom. Vintage furniture is a great way to provide seating in a larger bathroom.

It seems that in the past decade or so most people have come to expect more from their bathrooms. Vintage furniture is a great way to get a custom look on a small budget or a big budget. Here are some ideas to get you started using vintage furniture in your bathroom...(Link to finish reading...)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Update Your Kitchen for Under $100 with Appliance Paint

The kitchen is one if the best places you can invest a little money and see a great return for your efforts. Although $100 does not seem like it could go along way, you would be surprised.

Updating your kitchen dramatically can be accomplished for under $100 with one of the most affordable options in any room décor:

Appliance paint can be applied to almost any appliance in your kitchen. It works well on everything from the microwave to the refrigerator...(link)...

Faux Brick Floor Project for Your Basement, Garage, or Patio

Brick is a fabulous surface for a patio, garage, or basement cement floor. You can easily take a dull and dingy cement surface and add a designer and custom looked with faux painted brick.

This faux paint technique is perfect for a quick weekend project and should cost you well under $150. Replacing existing concrete with brick would be both expensive and time consuming.

This project allows you to salvage existing concrete, save money, and show your handy work...(link)...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Vintage Purse Photos

Vintage Purses

Thought I might share some awesome photos of the vintage purses I have been working on.
This purse is made of a too cute retro red daisy fabric. It is sunny, warm, and perfect for Sunday brunch.

My Etsy Store

Well, you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth, but I have been a little busy.

Here is a link to my Etsy store:

You will find retro purses, vintage purses, and some hand thrown coffee mugs made from stoneware clay.

Most of the vintage purses are made from vintage feedsack fabric.

I will be adding more pottery and about 10 more vintage purses in the next 2 weeks!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Decorating a Retro Kitchen on a Budget

Decorating a retro kitchen is a great way to bring back the past while updating your kitchen into one of the latest trends in home décor today. Retro kitchens are bigger than ever.

Creating a retro kitchen on a budget is a great way to add value to your home, show your personality, and start some great conversation the next time you have friends and family over.

Even if you aren’t on a budget, these ideas can help get you

Monday, July 9, 2007

How to Draw Bubble Letters

Many vintage craft projecs can use the addition of some great bubble letters.

I always find it fascinating to watch people draw bubble letters. Everyone has their own style and they all look different. Here are some tips and techniques for drawing great bubble letters on posters or signs.

Click here to watch me draw bubble letters...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Craft Video: How to Resize a Purse Sewing Pattern

I have a great purse pattern that I love to use. Over time though, I have found I wish the pattern were larger. It was pretty easy to resize the pattern and make a huge variety f purses! Watch and see the different sized purses I have made.

Link to my video...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Birthday Party Centerpiece Craft Project

Here is a craft video showing you how to make a fun and whimsical centerpiece for a birthday party!

This birthday party craft project makes a great centerpiece on a buffet or gift table.

You can use this craft video to make a sign that spells out "Happy Birthday," reflect the age of the birthday girl or guy, or even spells out their name! I used a vintage looking wrappign paper that sort of looks like a sweater! Hope you enjoy!


Monday, July 2, 2007

American Flag Coffee Table DIY Project

This American Flag Coffee table is the perfect way to transform an old vintage wood trunk, an existing coffee table, or almost any wood surface. Shabby chic, rustic cabin décor, and Americana furniture are so popular right now and this simple American Flag coffee table is the perfect way to decorate in those styles.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Craft Video Tutorials

Summer crafts are perfect way to pass away the long warm days, when parties and friends are a daily occurrence. Here are a few of my favorite summer and flower crafts made into videos. Each of these summer crafts age great for kids and adults.

This first craft video shows you how to make a sweet summer craft I love, a fabric flower. How to Make a Fabric Flower shows you how to make a great fabric flower that is perfect for sewing onto purse, sweater, shirts, and even to videos...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Affordable Bathroom Updates: Blue Willow Ware Bathroom Mirror

Looking to update, personalize, and improve a boring bathroom mirror that lacks a frame? Love Blue Willow Ware? Well, this fun and easy bathroom update project combines both of these to result in a custom bathroom mirror that will add value to your home.

If you are Looking for some fun vintage crafts that will allow you to display your vintage Blue Willow Ware collection in a new way you have to try making this bathroom mirror frame.

These Vintage Blue Willow Ware frames are super easy to make and can add quite a bit of whimsical blue and white to finish reading...

Monday, June 18, 2007

DIY Project: Transform a Vintage Trunk into a Unique Kitchen Island

I have an old Trunk I bought at the flea market. It is crying out to be made into a function kitchen island with seating. I found it for $70! You can easily turn a Trunk into custom kitchen island with seating with these few simple steps.

This project will cost you a little money; so do not expect to spend less than you might normally for a store bought kitchen island. This vintage inspired kitchen island project is for anyone who wants a unique kitchen island that no one else will

Friday, June 15, 2007

How to Make a Clock with Retro Wall Paper

This Retro Wall Paper clock is a fun accent piece that should fit into quite a few different rooms in any shabby chic or vintage home decor. This Retro Wall Paper clock would look great in a little girl's room, a family room, the basement reck room, or even in a game room.

Even in a retro kitchen!I love the retro look, but some home décor items in the retro or vintage look can be rather expensive. So, use one of those many Picture Frames you have laying around and transform it into a designer retro clock with some vintage to finish reading...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Custom Kitchen Island Made from Vintage Wood Ladders

Making a custom kitchen island with an industrial or vintage look is easy if you can find a few great wood vintage ladders. I like to use vintage wood ladders for a variety of reasons, but you can always build your custom kitchen island with new wood ladders.

I like using vintage wood ladders for this custom kitchen island, because it makes it narrow a long. If you have a smaller or narrow kitchen, this will allow you to have the coveted kitchen island, but still have room to walk!

If you are using new wood ladders, then be sure to stain or paint them. You can age them by rubbing wood gel stain on them...finish reading...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to Paint a Geranium Card

Ok, here is the link to the Geranium Card video craft!

Anyone can paint this simple hand made greeting card. I use three paint colors, in this case ink, but you can use any kind of paint you have around the house.

I hate spending $5 a pop on over priced greeting cards. This one cost me about 50 cents and is a small work of art for the person I am sending it to.

Hope you like it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Craft Video: How to Frame Your Vintage Silverware on a Budget

Have some cute vintage silverware? If your heirloom silverware is merely sitting in the cabinet tarnishing with time, try displaying it in a simple shadow box frame.

Framing antiques and other collectibles is a fun way to display your vintage collections, when you know you will not be using them on a daily basis.

Use fabrics and other rich materials in the frames to highlight your antiques and make them appear to be custom framed.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Read the Fine Print When Installing Wood Floors in Your Condo!

Ok, I have to brag. I have been busy getting estimates to have wood floors installed in my condo. The stuff I have on the floor now is outdated, dingy, and cheap linoleum and carpet from the 90’s. I bought the place this way and missed my good old wood floors from my previous home.

Anyway, we all want to buy discount wood floors, save money on our wood floors, and basically stay within our remodeling budget.

Well, I just saved $1300 on my wood floors by reading the fine print. If you live in a condo and are replacing existing floors with new wood floors, then make sure you know all the details.

Sometimes a condo will have rules that require “special” materials to be installed under your wood floors for either noise reduction or to fire proof your home. Well, I thought I was buying a product that required a very expensive “fire” ready plywood to be laid underneath the new wood floors.

After looking at the “ingredients’ or material used in making these pre fabricated wood floors, I realized I did not need the expensive treated plywood! Being able to skip the pre treated plywood saved me an additional $1300.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Video Crafts: How to Make a Fabric Flower

Looking for the perfect fabric flower? I came across a super cute pattern for an easy fabric flower I love!

You can make this easy fabric flower in minutes. I made mine out of an old vintage pink sweater. You can us eany fabric or paper you want though!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Craft Video: How to Frame Your Vintage Silverware on a Budget

Have some cute vintage silverware? If your heirloom silverware is merely sitting in the cabinet tarnishing with time, try displaying it in a simple shadow box frame.

Sorry I do not have a photo, but here is a video I made on how to affordably frame some small vintage silverware salt spoons, salt shaker, and vintage pepper

Video Craft: Photo Napkin Ring Made from Recyced Materials

Ok, this cute little photo napkin ring can double as a name card for a formal dinner. I hope you like what it is made of! This one is an unusual recycled craft material!

Click here to check out this recycled craft video.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators...

Ok, we all want to find the perfect deal at our local Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators stores, but sometimes the budget just does not allow for it.

So, skip the Discount Wood Floors and Lumber Liquidators and try out one of these easy wood floor projects. You can paint almost any floor surface if you know the correct materials to use. These projects give new meaning to Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators...

Contemporary wood floors project.

Shabby Chic wood floors project.

How to transform any wood floors. This one is a general guide and will keep you from spending all your decorating money at your local Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators.


Here are some more.

Here's Those Mugs!

Ok, a while ago I posted a mug I was working on. I finally glazed a few, so here ya go!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to Paint a Shabby Chic Dining Room Table

This shabby chic dining room table is an upper affordable craft project that can transform almost any pre made wood dining table.

Creating a Shabby Chic Dining Room Table is an easy project that can be accomplished in one weekend.

To start this Shabby Chic Dining Room Table Paint Technique project you will need to spend at least one weekend, but maybe a little more time...Link

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Add a Mirror to a Wall Hanging Candle Sconce

Adding Vintage Mirrors and New Mirrors to Candle Sconces is a great way to add to a small or cheap candle sconce. The addition of a mirror will add substance and interest.

This is also a fun and easy way to add a vintage look in minutes to your home.Mirrors will reflect more light from your candles, reflect day light when the sun is up, and really add a touch of elegance to a simple, small, or cheap candle sconce.

If you cannot find an affordable vintage mirror for this DIY project, then check out reproduction shabby chic mirrors. I find them at Target all the time. You can also simply use a beveled mirror or even a simply new mirror with no frame... Link

Monday, May 28, 2007

Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make

Ok, so it may not be a vintage craft, but how retro is it to make Dad breakfast in bed on his big day! We all did this as kids at one time or another. Hopefully these will be more edible than what I made as a kid!

Looking for a Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make? A family breakfast for Dad or even breakfast in bed on Father's Day is a great gift or surprise the kids can put together all on their own (well, as long as Mom is willing to drive them to the grocery store)!

Here are a few different menu ideas for Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make...

Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman Craft Project

This Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman is the perfect answer to anyone looking for affordable and stylish storage ottomans. My favorite aspect of this Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman is that it works well for both girls and guys!

Sometime vintage and shabby chic home décor has a tendency to be a little feminine, but this Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman really does ride the fence well!So, I do have to say this is one vintage craft project you can make with you sweetie...

Link to finish.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Favorite 5 Decorating Videos

I love making decorating videos from all the flea market finds and vintage I come across. If you love to decorate in a vintage style, retro styles, or even a shabby chic home decor, then you should check my five favorite decorating videos.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vintage Art Project

Vintage eyeglasses are a fun and funky relic form the past that can be easily turned into some retro wall art that is also interactive. I am always coming across super retro eye glasses at flea markets and the local Goodwill store.
These old glasses are so outdated most people would never wear them again! They do not have to be garbage though!My favorite part about this retro eye glass wall art is that you can make it interactive if you want to!
This fun and easy piece of retro art will be a hug conversation starter at your next party!By the way, if you have all the different glasses you have worn over the years this would be a super fun way to create a piece of personal retro art that will have everyone laughing!

How to Use Fusible Interfacing

To go along with the vintage purse pattern below I made a video showing you how to use fusible interfacing. This cool stuff can be used in many fabric craft projects, including vintage purses!

In my vintage purse craft project the fusible interfacing adds stability to a flimsy retro fabric I was dying to use!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Retro Napkin Ring Video

This vintage craft video will show you how to make a vintage napkin ring for your retro kitchen with scraps of retro fabric.

I am always looking for vintage kitchen accesories to complete the look of my retro kitchen. This easy vintage craft is so easy and you can watch the craft video in about 4 minutes!

Click here to watch me make this Retro Kitchen Accesories!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sewing 101: How to Cut out a Pattern

This vintage purse was the first sewing pattern I ever cut out. I used a simple sewing for dummies vintage purse pattern and it was so easy!

In this vintage purse craft video you can learn how to cut out any pattern!

Click here to see a video of how to cut out any pattern.

Start with a vintage purse pattern or some other sewing pattern that is not an article of clothing - this leaves a lot of room for error and will have less pieces to cut out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to Paint Linoleum Floors

Knowing how to paint linoleum floors the right way can really lead to quite good results. If you ever thought you were stick with your old linoleum floors simple because your budget wouldn't allow for those expensive French country kitchen floor tiles you have been drooling over, then I think you will really like this easy step by step instructions to painting your linoleum kitchen Floors...

Click to finish reading...

Vintage Coke Crate Desk Project

This super easy Vintage Coke Crate Desk Craft is a great way to create a vintage desk on a budget. I love collecting vintage coke crate and there are so many crafts to make out of them! This Vintage Coke Crate Desk would look great in a home office, a retro kitchen, and even an industrial loft!

Click here to finish reading how to make a desk using vintage coke crates!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top Ten Funny Pet and Animal Videos on YouTube!

Looking for some funny pet and animal related videos on You Tube? Ok we all love our pets and often video our pets being cute, crazy, or just themselves. No one can resists a well made and funny pet or animal video!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Craft Videos!!! 10 Craft Videos

Looking and looking for a few good craft videos. Well, I compiled 10 of my favorite craft videos in one place.

Crown Molding Turn Shabby Chic Office Storage!

You can easily re purpose an old piece of crown molding into a fun and pretty piece of office storage with a few tea cup hooks and a coat of paint!

You can also use this vintage Craft video and make a vintage coat hook for your front hall or mud room!

I love turning architectural details into vintage home decor, shabby chic home decor, kitchen pot racks, and more!

New Uses for Broken McCoy Pottery

After one of my little kitties knocked off one of my favorite McCoy vases, I decided I need to come up with a few new uses for McCoy pottery that has been damaged. Most people will not want to buy damaged McCoy pottery, so you might as well find some new uses for them around your home! Hopefully these ideas will help you disguise any damage on your McCoy pottery and find new uses for your collection.

Click here to read the rest...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chic Retro Kitchen Cabinet Craft Project

Ok, so you don't love the look of your kitchen cabinets. I bet you will after this neat idea for adding recipes to your kitchen cabinet doors.

You may not be willing to tackle a full fledged kitchen cabinet resurfacing project, but I bet you can easily take this DIY project on!

You can use your grandmother's recipe for super chocolate brownies and add a stylish flair to almost any kitchen cabinet! I hope you like this idea, it is a great Way to resurface plain kitchen cabinets in one day!

Be sure to choose a fun font for this great vintage DIY project!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vintage Rocking Chair Cat Bed!

Ok, I love my cats, but they shed!

So, I have this sweet little vintage rocker that was my grandmother's. I have been dying to get my two cats to lounge in it, like the furry little people they are!

I love this sweet little vintage rocker because it matches my vintage home decor and does not clutter up open floor space like a traditional cat bed.

Vintage Milk Paint + Milk Jugs = Fun and Whimsical Summer Lights!

Ok, I love milk paint and I really love using milk paint to make anything look vintage in a heartbeat!

You can use some milk paint, some milk jugs, and a string of inexpensive lights to make some fun and whimsical outdoor vintage lights for those summer BBQ parties!

Vintage Light Covers!

Free Art You Didn't Know You Had

Ok, so who wouldn't want some free art? Anyone who has ever moved into their first place knows that filling blank walls can leave a major dent in your budget.

Most of us have tons of free art we didn't even know we had! I love using everyday objects as free pop art, free vintage art, and free art all the time.

Hope you like my ideas for Free Art!

Click here to find out ideas for
Free Art
You Didn't Know You Had.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vintage Craft Videos and Craft Videos

If you are on the hunt for vintage craft videos and craft videos, then you have traveled to the right vintage craft web site!

Scattered throughout the blog are tons of links to all of my craft videos, vintage craft videos, shabby chic craft videos, recipe videos, vintage home decor videos, home decor videos, vintage decorating videos, shabby chic decorating videos, shabby chic DIY project videos, vintage DIY project videos, videos of crafts, videos of vintage crafts, and videos of all kinds!

I try to add vintage craft videos, shabby chic craft videos, craft videos, vintage home decor videos, retro kitchen videos, and more every week!

So, keep coming back for more craft videos, vintage craft videos, vintage decorating videos and more home decor videos.

And yes, I find this repeating as annoying as you, but with out these vintage craft video key words, YOU would never have found my Vintage Craft Blog!!

Hope you like what you see! Leave me some comments.

Tip: Look under MORE FROM REBECCA at the top for my favorite craft videos! Scroll down to see more! Hey, they can't all al be favorite craft videos can they?

Sweet Little Vintage Dresser

So, I have a a photo posted in the focus this week area an done right here of this sweet little vintage dresser I made a vintage craft video out of for Associated Content.
Now, I made a vintage craft video while I was doing it, but I am waiting for it to be published at Associated Content, so I though I might tell you a little more about it. Watching vintage craft videos is so much more fun than reading about it in my opinion!

To make the little shabby chic dresser (it really is a vintage recipe box with drawers) I first photocopied some vintage feed sack materials on my printer.

If you like the look of this shabby chic dresser (recipe box) then check back in for the video. I think it should be up in about a week.

Check out the video under More From Rebecca showing the antique white paint finish to see a similar final step.
Meanwhile I did write an article on how to do this.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Decorating Videos and Articles from Rebecca

Ok, so ready to change a few things in your home for Spring? Decorating for Spring is a great time to bring out some of those great vintage flea market finds!! I love decortaign with shabby chic furniture foudn at flea markets.

You can take almost any vintage piece of furniture or home decor foudn at an estate sale, flea market, or antique store and use them in many ways!

Ok, here is a great
Spring Decorating Video that uses a
cast iron pot as a vintage magazine rack!

Check out this
video for a great use for those vintage cloth calendars that are so affordable at flea markets! I use mine to cover a dining room chair seat. This is a quick way to get shabby chic dining room chairs on a budget!

Finally, if you have come across some great vintage fabric or Amy Butler fabric click here to learn how to use your vintage fabric to make a lampshade!

This shabby chic lampshade looks great in any vintage home decor!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Vintage Apron Purse Craft

Ok, so since I have been a little vintage purse crazy lately, I thought I would try to make a different one. This vintage purse uses a reto kitchen apron, one from the 1940's or 1950's would be best!

So, if you have a collection of vintage aprons, then try turning them into this cute and retro purse. To transform you vintage apron into a drawstring purse all you need is some ribbon, a sewing machine, and some scissors! Too easy.

Even a beginner can make this vintage purse!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Vintage Spring Wall Art Video

Just wanted to give you a link to this

I made for AC. I used an inexpensive set of frames, some photocopied vintage fabric, and some scissors to create a fun and unique piece of vintage art for my home!

Make one in every letter to spell out SPRING!

Hope you are enjoying the vintage wood floors, vintage crafts, vintage art, vintage clothing, vintage fabric, and vintage themed crafts! Leave me some comments and let me know what you are looking to find on the web and maybe I can help out!

Links to Spring Decorating Videos and a Word of Thanks!

Just wanted to give you those links to the Vintage Decorating and Spring Decorating Videos I talked about earlier! Hope you like the ideas!

Also, wanted to give a quick word of thanks to everyone checking out this blog! I am getting about 1,000 people a week checking my fun vintage crafts, vintage purses, vintage decor, and vintage everything out!

This really exciting since this Vintage Crafts blog is only about 6 weeks old!!

Here are your video links:

How to Turn Flea Market Finds into a Side Table for Your Couch.

This Video I know you will like. Anyone who loves to paint rustic painted furniture can use this paint technique. The painted used to create the rustic English Country furniture paint colors are:

Laura Ashley Pale Gold 2 (Found at Lowe's)
Delta Blue (Found at Walmart)

Click here to learn how to make this awesome

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vintage Purse Crazy!

Ok, yes, you are probably sick of the vintage purses, but I can not get enough!

I have never sewn anything from a pattern before and I am finding it strangely relaxing! I think it is because this is one thing I am sewing that actually fits together thanks to the vintage purse pattern I am using!

Ok, anyway, made another one this weekend. I used some Amy Butler Pa rot Flower fabric I found on ebay. I made this vintage looking purse about twice the size of the others. I am making a video showing you how to take your existing pattern and enlarge it, so look for a link in about a week or so.

Meanwhile here are some links to other fabric crafts that use Amy Butler Fabric to keep you busy!!

Ok, here is a link to a craft video I made with some other fabric, but you could easily use some Amy Butler Fabric for this Bathroom Decor Craft Project.

So, if you have some Amy Butler Fabric Laying around you can use it to make a really fun and unique clock. I like this simple vintage craft project, not only because of te lovely use of Amy Butler Fabric, but because you can photocopy your fabric and use the paper in place of the real deal! This will allow you to use your Amy Butler fabric for other vintage crafts!


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Vintage 1930's Fabric Purse

Made a new Vintage Purse out of a purse pattern I had laying around.

I bought the Vintage 1930's fabric online at Ebay. I found the Vintage fabric for about $5 a yard!

Fortunately for me the Blue flower vintage fabric and the yellow flower vintage fabric were sold together, so I did not have to search forever to find them. They work great together in this Vintage purse look!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Blue Willow Ware Picture Frames

Want more Blue Willow Ware Craft Projects? Learn how to make a Mosaic Blue Willow Ware Picture Frame! You can use this vintage looking frame in your own home or give it as a beautiful hostess gift.

Vintage Blue Willow Ware Plate Clock

If you love the look of Vintage Blue Willow Ware then you will absolutely love this easy and simple vintage craft project. You can use one of your Blue Willow Ware dishes to make this sweet and stylish vintage clock.

If you do not want to drill a hole in the middle of a valuable Vintage Blue Willow Ware dish, then buy an inexpensive reproduction Blue Willow Ware plate and use it instead!!

To hang your Blue Willow Ware Clock with vintage flare use a plate hanging hook. You will love the look!

Friday, March 30, 2007

New Ways to Display Your Vintage Rolling Pin Collection

Looking for some fun and new ways to display your vintage rolling pin collection? I love collecting vintage rolling pins. You Can find them at flea markets, online, and even at yard sales.

If you have been collecting vintage rolling pins for a while and need a fun new way to display them then click here to check out some of Rebecca's ideas on how to affordable display your vintage rolling pin collection.

I personally love vintage rolling pins and love using them in all sizes to make fun displays!

Click here to see ideas from Rebecca on how to display your vintage rolling pin collection.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Vintage Frame Cork Board Project

Have a vintage frame? Want to turn it into a vintage lookign cork board for your home office?

Check out this video and learn how from Rebecca!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vintage Board Game Spice Rack

This simple Vintage Game Board Spice Rack is a great way to add some stylish storage to your retro or vintage kitchen. The vintage look is timeless and well suited for many different styles. The added bonus is the extra storage this simple Vintage Game Board Spice Rack woodworking project will add to your vintage kitchen!

You can make this simple Vintage Game Board Spice Rack for about $100 or less, depending on how much you end up paying for your vintage game board.

To Make a Vintage Game Board Spice Rack You Will Need:

Power drill
Drill bits
Picture hanging Hooks (optional)
Paint brushes (in a variety of sizes)
Magnetic door hook
Piano Hinge
Vintage Game board

Now, the first step is to measure your vintage game board. Measure how wide and tall it is.

Use your 2X4’s to build a frame the exact same size. Use you wood screws to screw the pieces of 2X4’s together like a box frame. Predrill the holes for the screws with your power drill to keep the wood from splitting.

Now, cut your plywood to the same size as your vintage game board as well. You will need 2 pieces of this.

Screw the plywood onto the back of the wood frame you built. You can do this step gain by predrill holes through the plywood another 2X4” frame. Insert your screws to hold them together.

Now, the other piece will be for the door of the vintage spice rack.

Install one shelf half way between the tops and bottom of the spice rack. Simply cut a 2X4 to fit inside the spice rack. You can screw it into place from the back.

Now, attach the other sheet of plywood to the front of the box. Do this by install a piano hinge on the left side of the frame. Attach one side to the frame you built and one side of the hinge to the vintage window.

On the right side install your magnetic door hook. You could also use a hook and eye hook like you used to find on old screen doors.

Now, flip the vintage window box five down. Install your picture hanging hooks on the back of the box. They should be attached into the plywood you put on the back.

Now, flip the box back over and lay it on it’s back on a flat work surface.

Now, lightly sand any areas needed on the wooden box and roof.

Wipe away any dust and prime it out.

Now, once the primer has dried you can paint the inside and outside of the Vintage Game Board Spice Rack.

Now, you need to install you vintage game board on the front of the spice rack. You can use spray adhesive to do this or even drill it into place. Mirror clips would work well and keep you from damaging the vintage board game.

Now, to hang your Vintage Game Board Spice Rack you have a few options. Hooks can also be installed on the sides of the Vintage Game Board Spice Rack. You can also drill it into the wall like a cabinet or simply rest it on your counter.

Check out more DIY Projects By Rebecca

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rustic Cabin Home Decor Painted Wood Floors

These Rustic Cabin Wood Floors are the perfect warm and cozy addition to a home office or even a warm family room. You can use this paint technique to update existing wood or laminate floors on a budget.

Creating an antique Rustic Cabin paint finish on Wood Floors on a budget is an easy project that can be accomplished in one weekend. To start this Rustic Cabin Wood Floors project you will need a few different materials from your local home improvement store as well as some time.

Those wood or plain fake Wood Floors are perfect for antiquing in to a Rustic Cabin look no matter where you live. If you have old or outdated Wood Floors and just want to change the color or look this Rustic Cabin paint resurfacing process is also good.

Here is a list of supplies you will need to start resurfacing your old Rustic Cabin Wood Floors:

Primer Paint: Brown and Hunter Green or Brown and Barn RedRoller paint brushes A variety of 2”, 3”, or 4” paint brushes Wood stain Glaze Sandpaper Drop clothes Cheap, outdated, or plain Bookcases

Now, start sanding the surface of your plain Wood Floors. You can rent a sander to save time. You want to remove the shine.

Once you have the surface lightly sanded, you should wipe off the dust with a clean dry clothe. An old white t-shirt will work perfectly here. You can also mop to save time.

Now, you are ready to put a coat of primer. If you are painting laminate Wood Floors this is a very important step. Your resurfacing Rustic Cabin painting technique will not stick to your surface if you don’t sand and then prime your Wood Floors.

If you want a rough more Rustic Cabin look try putting the primer on with one of the 4” brushes. This will give texture and create the look of real wood. If you prefer the smoother look you can roll the paint on with any type of paint roller. A foam roller will create the smoothest surface.

Allow your primer to dry completely.

Put on a coat of your base paint. Now, this paint should be a nice dark chocolate brown. You will be seeing it when the whole rustic cabin paint treatment is finished.

This paint should not be the actual color you want your Wood Floors to end up, but the color you want to show through when you rough up the Rustic Cabin Wood Floors.

Now you are ready to paint your Rustic Cabin Wood Floors with the real color you wish them to be. I always recommend painting a color like hunter green or barn red for a rustic cabin look. A mustard yellow would also work.

Don’t be scared to choose a bright color because the antiquing process will tone down the appearance of the Rustic Cabin Décor Wood Floors considerably.

Once your Wood Floor color has dried you are ready to start roughing it up to be more rustic and match the rest of your Rustic Cabin decor. Start by using the sand paper to rough up edges and other areas that would typically be used over time.

Once you have finished sanding the Rustic Cabin Wood floors wipe the surface down with a clean dry cloth. That old white t-shirt will work well here again. You can stop at this point, but if you want to go the extra mile you can use a mixture of ½ wood stain and ½ glaze to darken your piece.

Start by mixing your wood stain and glaze in a plastic container. Use a white rag or another old t-shirt to rub the stain onto the Rustic Cabin Wood floors.

You can do this process until you achieve the Rustic Cabin decor look you want for your Wood floors.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shabby Chic Cocktail Tray

This Shabby chic Drink Tray is an easy DIY project that will add a huge designer impact in your home. Creating Shabby Chic cocktail tray is an easy project that can be accomplished in one weekend.

To start this Shabby Chic Drink Tray Paint Technique project you will need to spend at least one weekend, but maybe a little more time.

Any real wood or cheap plain fake wood Drink Trays are perfect for this Shabby Chic Paint Technique.

You can use a pre made Drink Tray.

Here is a list of supplies you will need to start making these Shabby Chic Drink Tray:

Primer Paint (2 colors: white and either sand or tan)
Roller paint brushes a variety of 2”, 3”, or 4” paintbrushes
Wood stain
Drop clothes
Cocktail Tray

Now, start sanding the surface of your plain Drink Tray. Once you have the surface lightly sanded, you should wipe off the dust with a clean dry clothe. An old white t-shirt will work perfectly here.

Now, you are ready to put a coat of primer. If you are using a cheap fake wood Drink Tray this is a very important step. Your Shabby Chic Paint Technique will not stick to your surface if you don’t sand and then prime your cocktail tray surface.

If you want a rough more rustic Shabby Chic Drink Tray try putting the primer on with one of the 4” brushes. This will give texture and create the look of real wood. If you prefer the smoother look you can roll the paint on with any type of paint roller. A foam roller will create the smoothest surface.

Allow your primer to dry completely.

Put on a coat of your base paint. This is either a sand color or tan color. You could do a yellowish tan. This paint should not be the actual color you want your desk to end up, but the color you want to show through when you finish the Shabby Chic Drink Tray.

Now you are ready to paint your surface with the real color you wish it to be. I always recommend painting a white or antique white color for true Shabby Chic cocktail tray.

Don’t be scared to choose a bright white because the Shabby Chic Drink Tray Paint Technique process will tone down the appearance of the stark white considerably if you want.

Once your white shabby chic Drink Tray color has dried you are ready to start roughing it up. Start by using the sand paper to rough up edges and other areas that would typically be used over time.

Once you have finished sanding the cocktail tray surface wipe the surface down with a clean dry cloth. That old white t-shirt will work well here again. You can stop at this point, but if you want to go the extra mile you can use a mixture of ½ wood stain and ½ glaze to darken your piece. This darkening will mimic years of dirt and the aging process. If you use a antique white you do not have to do this.

Start by mixing you paint and glaze in a plastic container. Use a white rag or another old t-shirt to rub the stain onto the Drink Tray.

You can do this process until you achieve the Shabby Chic Drink Tray look you want for your vintage bar, retro kitchen, or timeless dining room.

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