Sunday, March 30, 2008

Granny Chic Vintage Purses/ Clutches/ Bags

These granny chic clutches are something I put together this weekend. I have been making a ton of Amy Butler purse patterns, some of my own vintage fabric purses, and even some bags, so I though I would break out and try a clutch or two.
The final picture is some cherry fabric spring purses I made for my nieces, the tiny cherry purse is for one little American Girl Doll named Abbie.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vintage Cherry Feedsack Purse - Cheery Cherry Handbag

This purse is made from the cutest piece of vintage cherry feedsack fabric! I love love love this one as well!

Inside is lined with a coordinating vintage blue plaid. Hmmm, I like this one for Memorial Day and July 4th!

This is a pattern I somewhat pulled together after seeing a very cute photo of a purse. It was pretty easy to do, so the next one I sew I will take a ton of photos for a tutorial for you. This is one of those super easy purse patterns perfect for kids, beginners, and anyone with a sewing machine.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vintage Strawberry Fabric Purse

Here are some photos of the cutest purse made from vintage strawberry fabric. I made this hand made purse for myself, so you probably will not be seeing it on Etsy.
If I am lucky enough to come across some more of this vintage strawberry feedsack fabric, then maybe you will see purse for sale on Etsy!
I attached a pouch or wallet inside and added a green zipper to keep the vintage strawberry theme going!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Breaks from the Amy Butler Purse and Fabric

Ok, so I started working on a messenger bag pattern and I love it! This one is my first try. I used a vintage blue fabric that I was lucky enough to buy 5 yards of.

This is the same vintage blue fabric that I made the fabric shopping bag out of.

Feeling a little patriotic, so I used some red striped twill inside. I love wearing a messenger bag and keep coming across patterns for sale. They are simple, so if you can follow an online purse tutorial, you can easily make your own messenger bag pattern!
I may be listing this on on Etsy, not too sure yet!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Break From Vintage Purses

Ok, thought I would take a break from all the Amy Butler purses and inspired purse and show some photos of something else.

I threw these about a month ago and they are the most lovely shade of red, magenta, purple, and even clear. The color is Cohen's Red. I listed them on Etsy if you feel you can't live without them!

There is a matching honey jar in the kiln which will be added soon as well.

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