Monday, April 16, 2007

Vintage Purse Crazy!

Ok, yes, you are probably sick of the vintage purses, but I can not get enough!

I have never sewn anything from a pattern before and I am finding it strangely relaxing! I think it is because this is one thing I am sewing that actually fits together thanks to the vintage purse pattern I am using!

Ok, anyway, made another one this weekend. I used some Amy Butler Pa rot Flower fabric I found on ebay. I made this vintage looking purse about twice the size of the others. I am making a video showing you how to take your existing pattern and enlarge it, so look for a link in about a week or so.

Meanwhile here are some links to other fabric crafts that use Amy Butler Fabric to keep you busy!!

Ok, here is a link to a craft video I made with some other fabric, but you could easily use some Amy Butler Fabric for this Bathroom Decor Craft Project.

So, if you have some Amy Butler Fabric Laying around you can use it to make a really fun and unique clock. I like this simple vintage craft project, not only because of te lovely use of Amy Butler Fabric, but because you can photocopy your fabric and use the paper in place of the real deal! This will allow you to use your Amy Butler fabric for other vintage crafts!


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