Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Decorating Videos and Articles from Rebecca

Ok, so ready to change a few things in your home for Spring? Decorating for Spring is a great time to bring out some of those great vintage flea market finds!! I love decortaign with shabby chic furniture foudn at flea markets.

You can take almost any vintage piece of furniture or home decor foudn at an estate sale, flea market, or antique store and use them in many ways!

Ok, here is a great
Spring Decorating Video that uses a
cast iron pot as a vintage magazine rack!

Check out this
video for a great use for those vintage cloth calendars that are so affordable at flea markets! I use mine to cover a dining room chair seat. This is a quick way to get shabby chic dining room chairs on a budget!

Finally, if you have come across some great vintage fabric or Amy Butler fabric click here to learn how to use your vintage fabric to make a lampshade!

This shabby chic lampshade looks great in any vintage home decor!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Vintage Apron Purse Craft

Ok, so since I have been a little vintage purse crazy lately, I thought I would try to make a different one. This vintage purse uses a reto kitchen apron, one from the 1940's or 1950's would be best!

So, if you have a collection of vintage aprons, then try turning them into this cute and retro purse. To transform you vintage apron into a drawstring purse all you need is some ribbon, a sewing machine, and some scissors! Too easy.

Even a beginner can make this vintage purse!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Vintage Spring Wall Art Video

Just wanted to give you a link to this

I made for AC. I used an inexpensive set of frames, some photocopied vintage fabric, and some scissors to create a fun and unique piece of vintage art for my home!

Make one in every letter to spell out SPRING!

Hope you are enjoying the vintage wood floors, vintage crafts, vintage art, vintage clothing, vintage fabric, and vintage themed crafts! Leave me some comments and let me know what you are looking to find on the web and maybe I can help out!

Links to Spring Decorating Videos and a Word of Thanks!

Just wanted to give you those links to the Vintage Decorating and Spring Decorating Videos I talked about earlier! Hope you like the ideas!

Also, wanted to give a quick word of thanks to everyone checking out this blog! I am getting about 1,000 people a week checking my fun vintage crafts, vintage purses, vintage decor, and vintage everything out!

This really exciting since this Vintage Crafts blog is only about 6 weeks old!!

Here are your video links:

How to Turn Flea Market Finds into a Side Table for Your Couch.

This Video I know you will like. Anyone who loves to paint rustic painted furniture can use this paint technique. The painted used to create the rustic English Country furniture paint colors are:

Laura Ashley Pale Gold 2 (Found at Lowe's)
Delta Blue (Found at Walmart)

Click here to learn how to make this awesome

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vintage Purse Crazy!

Ok, yes, you are probably sick of the vintage purses, but I can not get enough!

I have never sewn anything from a pattern before and I am finding it strangely relaxing! I think it is because this is one thing I am sewing that actually fits together thanks to the vintage purse pattern I am using!

Ok, anyway, made another one this weekend. I used some Amy Butler Pa rot Flower fabric I found on ebay. I made this vintage looking purse about twice the size of the others. I am making a video showing you how to take your existing pattern and enlarge it, so look for a link in about a week or so.

Meanwhile here are some links to other fabric crafts that use Amy Butler Fabric to keep you busy!!

Ok, here is a link to a craft video I made with some other fabric, but you could easily use some Amy Butler Fabric for this Bathroom Decor Craft Project.

So, if you have some Amy Butler Fabric Laying around you can use it to make a really fun and unique clock. I like this simple vintage craft project, not only because of te lovely use of Amy Butler Fabric, but because you can photocopy your fabric and use the paper in place of the real deal! This will allow you to use your Amy Butler fabric for other vintage crafts!


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Vintage 1930's Fabric Purse

Made a new Vintage Purse out of a purse pattern I had laying around.

I bought the Vintage 1930's fabric online at Ebay. I found the Vintage fabric for about $5 a yard!

Fortunately for me the Blue flower vintage fabric and the yellow flower vintage fabric were sold together, so I did not have to search forever to find them. They work great together in this Vintage purse look!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Blue Willow Ware Picture Frames

Want more Blue Willow Ware Craft Projects? Learn how to make a Mosaic Blue Willow Ware Picture Frame! You can use this vintage looking frame in your own home or give it as a beautiful hostess gift.

Vintage Blue Willow Ware Plate Clock

If you love the look of Vintage Blue Willow Ware then you will absolutely love this easy and simple vintage craft project. You can use one of your Blue Willow Ware dishes to make this sweet and stylish vintage clock.

If you do not want to drill a hole in the middle of a valuable Vintage Blue Willow Ware dish, then buy an inexpensive reproduction Blue Willow Ware plate and use it instead!!

To hang your Blue Willow Ware Clock with vintage flare use a plate hanging hook. You will love the look!

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