Friday, November 30, 2007

5 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom for Free

With the Christmas fast approaching, I thought we could all use this stree free home decorating idea. Kids can also benefit from a relaxing bedroom. Just think, gettin ghte kids to fall asleep faster because all those distractions are gone!

I personally love anything free, so free realxing bedroom tips are right up my ally!

You can create a relaxing bedroom in a few simple steps and with zero money! To turn your bedroom into a sanctuary where you can retreat from the world and recoup, try following these steps and tips...finish reading...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 Ideas for Eco Friendly Headboards

Eco friendly headboards are one of the latest trends in designer bedrooms.

There is no reason the rest of use can't afford an eco friendly headboard as well. I love redecorating bedrooms.

With the huge emphasis on eco friendly furniture, headboards fit right in as a great way to create the look while considering the effects on the environment.

So, here is a look at some eco friendly headboard you can make yourself!...finish reading...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Retro Magnet Kitchen Back Splash Display

This retro kitchen back splash is the perfect way to show off your magnet collection. Whether you collect retro magnets or simply have a retro kitchen, you will love this awesome magnetic back splash!

My favorite aspects of this retro magnet kitchen back splash is that there is no construction involved. Yes, that is correct.

The other great feature of your magnetic backsplash is that you can constantly change the retro magnets any time you want!...finish reading...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

How to Install a Brick Tile Wall

Brick walls are a huge design trends now. You can use premade brick tiles to tile any plain old wall and add some industrial flare to your home.

Check out your local home improvement store for pre made tiles that look and feel just like brick.

They are about ¼ inch thick and can be installed on any flat surface in your home!This is a fun way to add an industrial brick wall to nay room in your home on a budget..finish reading...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets with Birch Branches

Birch branches are a fun and rustic way to resurface kitchen cabinets. I love this look in a sweet little kitchen in the city, to give the feel of nature in an elegant and unique way!

You can add birch branches that you cut down to size to create a whole new look on the front of your kitchen cabinets for very little money, but a little bit of time.

By the way, you can buy Birch branches to resurface your kitchen cabinets from the local nursery or florist if you do live in the city and do not have access to a live tree.

Link to learn how to resurface plain kitchen cabinets with birch branches...

Friday, November 2, 2007

New Holiday Crafts

In an effort to get all the holiday crafts separated and easy to find I start two new sites.

You can can find Christmas Crafts at

You can find Thanksgiving Crafts at

Hope that helps! I am going to try to limit this one to vintage inspired crafts, shabby chic crafts, vintage home DIY projects, and retro kitchen crafts.

Check out Retrofied.Etsy.Com

In need of a retro purse that will turn heads and make a timeless statement? Check out my new store Retrofied - a retro girl in a modern world. Retrofied