Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Craft Video Tutorials

Summer crafts are perfect way to pass away the long warm days, when parties and friends are a daily occurrence. Here are a few of my favorite summer and flower crafts made into videos. Each of these summer crafts age great for kids and adults.

This first craft video shows you how to make a sweet summer craft I love, a fabric flower. How to Make a Fabric Flower shows you how to make a great fabric flower that is perfect for sewing onto purse, sweater, shirts, and even scrapbooks...link to videos...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Affordable Bathroom Updates: Blue Willow Ware Bathroom Mirror

Looking to update, personalize, and improve a boring bathroom mirror that lacks a frame? Love Blue Willow Ware? Well, this fun and easy bathroom update project combines both of these to result in a custom bathroom mirror that will add value to your home.

If you are Looking for some fun vintage crafts that will allow you to display your vintage Blue Willow Ware collection in a new way you have to try making this bathroom mirror frame.

These Vintage Blue Willow Ware frames are super easy to make and can add quite a bit of whimsical blue and white color...link to finish reading...

Monday, June 18, 2007

DIY Project: Transform a Vintage Trunk into a Unique Kitchen Island

I have an old Trunk I bought at the flea market. It is crying out to be made into a function kitchen island with seating. I found it for $70! You can easily turn a Trunk into custom kitchen island with seating with these few simple steps.

This project will cost you a little money; so do not expect to spend less than you might normally for a store bought kitchen island. This vintage inspired kitchen island project is for anyone who wants a unique kitchen island that no one else will have...link...

Friday, June 15, 2007

How to Make a Clock with Retro Wall Paper

This Retro Wall Paper clock is a fun accent piece that should fit into quite a few different rooms in any shabby chic or vintage home decor. This Retro Wall Paper clock would look great in a little girl's room, a family room, the basement reck room, or even in a game room.

Even in a retro kitchen!I love the retro look, but some home d├ęcor items in the retro or vintage look can be rather expensive. So, use one of those many Picture Frames you have laying around and transform it into a designer retro clock with some vintage wallpaper...link to finish reading...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Custom Kitchen Island Made from Vintage Wood Ladders

Making a custom kitchen island with an industrial or vintage look is easy if you can find a few great wood vintage ladders. I like to use vintage wood ladders for a variety of reasons, but you can always build your custom kitchen island with new wood ladders.

I like using vintage wood ladders for this custom kitchen island, because it makes it narrow a long. If you have a smaller or narrow kitchen, this will allow you to have the coveted kitchen island, but still have room to walk!

If you are using new wood ladders, then be sure to stain or paint them. You can age them by rubbing wood gel stain on them...finish reading...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to Paint a Geranium Card

Ok, here is the link to the Geranium Card video craft!

Anyone can paint this simple hand made greeting card. I use three paint colors, in this case ink, but you can use any kind of paint you have around the house.

I hate spending $5 a pop on over priced greeting cards. This one cost me about 50 cents and is a small work of art for the person I am sending it to.

Hope you like it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Craft Video: How to Frame Your Vintage Silverware on a Budget

Have some cute vintage silverware? If your heirloom silverware is merely sitting in the cabinet tarnishing with time, try displaying it in a simple shadow box frame.

Framing antiques and other collectibles is a fun way to display your vintage collections, when you know you will not be using them on a daily basis.

Use fabrics and other rich materials in the frames to highlight your antiques and make them appear to be custom framed.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Read the Fine Print When Installing Wood Floors in Your Condo!

Ok, I have to brag. I have been busy getting estimates to have wood floors installed in my condo. The stuff I have on the floor now is outdated, dingy, and cheap linoleum and carpet from the 90’s. I bought the place this way and missed my good old wood floors from my previous home.

Anyway, we all want to buy discount wood floors, save money on our wood floors, and basically stay within our remodeling budget.

Well, I just saved $1300 on my wood floors by reading the fine print. If you live in a condo and are replacing existing floors with new wood floors, then make sure you know all the details.

Sometimes a condo will have rules that require “special” materials to be installed under your wood floors for either noise reduction or to fire proof your home. Well, I thought I was buying a product that required a very expensive “fire” ready plywood to be laid underneath the new wood floors.

After looking at the “ingredients’ or material used in making these pre fabricated wood floors, I realized I did not need the expensive treated plywood! Being able to skip the pre treated plywood saved me an additional $1300.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Video Crafts: How to Make a Fabric Flower

Looking for the perfect fabric flower? I came across a super cute pattern for an easy fabric flower I love!

You can make this easy fabric flower in minutes. I made mine out of an old vintage pink sweater. You can us eany fabric or paper you want though!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Craft Video: How to Frame Your Vintage Silverware on a Budget

Have some cute vintage silverware? If your heirloom silverware is merely sitting in the cabinet tarnishing with time, try displaying it in a simple shadow box frame.

Sorry I do not have a photo, but here is a video I made on how to affordably frame some small vintage silverware salt spoons, salt shaker, and vintage pepper shaker...link.

Video Craft: Photo Napkin Ring Made from Recyced Materials

Ok, this cute little photo napkin ring can double as a name card for a formal dinner. I hope you like what it is made of! This one is an unusual recycled craft material!

Click here to check out this recycled craft video.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators...

Ok, we all want to find the perfect deal at our local Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators stores, but sometimes the budget just does not allow for it.

So, skip the Discount Wood Floors and Lumber Liquidators and try out one of these easy wood floor projects. You can paint almost any floor surface if you know the correct materials to use. These projects give new meaning to Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators...

Contemporary wood floors project.

Shabby Chic wood floors project.

How to transform any wood floors. This one is a general guide and will keep you from spending all your decorating money at your local Discount Wood Floors and Wood Floor Liquidators.


Here are some more.

Here's Those Mugs!

Ok, a while ago I posted a mug I was working on. I finally glazed a few, so here ya go!

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