Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to Paint a Shabby Chic Dining Room Table

This shabby chic dining room table is an upper affordable craft project that can transform almost any pre made wood dining table.

Creating a Shabby Chic Dining Room Table is an easy project that can be accomplished in one weekend.

To start this Shabby Chic Dining Room Table Paint Technique project you will need to spend at least one weekend, but maybe a little more time...Link

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Add a Mirror to a Wall Hanging Candle Sconce

Adding Vintage Mirrors and New Mirrors to Candle Sconces is a great way to add to a small or cheap candle sconce. The addition of a mirror will add substance and interest.

This is also a fun and easy way to add a vintage look in minutes to your home.Mirrors will reflect more light from your candles, reflect day light when the sun is up, and really add a touch of elegance to a simple, small, or cheap candle sconce.

If you cannot find an affordable vintage mirror for this DIY project, then check out reproduction shabby chic mirrors. I find them at Target all the time. You can also simply use a beveled mirror or even a simply new mirror with no frame... Link

Monday, May 28, 2007

Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make

Ok, so it may not be a vintage craft, but how retro is it to make Dad breakfast in bed on his big day! We all did this as kids at one time or another. Hopefully these will be more edible than what I made as a kid!

Looking for a Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make? A family breakfast for Dad or even breakfast in bed on Father's Day is a great gift or surprise the kids can put together all on their own (well, as long as Mom is willing to drive them to the grocery store)!

Here are a few different menu ideas for Father's Day Breakfast Menu Kids Can Make...

Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman Craft Project

This Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman is the perfect answer to anyone looking for affordable and stylish storage ottomans. My favorite aspect of this Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman is that it works well for both girls and guys!

Sometime vintage and shabby chic home d├ęcor has a tendency to be a little feminine, but this Vintage Suitcase Storage Ottoman really does ride the fence well!So, I do have to say this is one vintage craft project you can make with you sweetie...

Link to finish.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Favorite 5 Decorating Videos

I love making decorating videos from all the flea market finds and vintage I come across. If you love to decorate in a vintage style, retro styles, or even a shabby chic home decor, then you should check my five favorite decorating videos.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vintage Art Project

Vintage eyeglasses are a fun and funky relic form the past that can be easily turned into some retro wall art that is also interactive. I am always coming across super retro eye glasses at flea markets and the local Goodwill store.
These old glasses are so outdated most people would never wear them again! They do not have to be garbage though!My favorite part about this retro eye glass wall art is that you can make it interactive if you want to!
This fun and easy piece of retro art will be a hug conversation starter at your next party!By the way, if you have all the different glasses you have worn over the years this would be a super fun way to create a piece of personal retro art that will have everyone laughing!

How to Use Fusible Interfacing

To go along with the vintage purse pattern below I made a video showing you how to use fusible interfacing. This cool stuff can be used in many fabric craft projects, including vintage purses!

In my vintage purse craft project the fusible interfacing adds stability to a flimsy retro fabric I was dying to use!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Retro Napkin Ring Video

This vintage craft video will show you how to make a vintage napkin ring for your retro kitchen with scraps of retro fabric.

I am always looking for vintage kitchen accesories to complete the look of my retro kitchen. This easy vintage craft is so easy and you can watch the craft video in about 4 minutes!

Click here to watch me make this Retro Kitchen Accesories!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Sewing 101: How to Cut out a Pattern

This vintage purse was the first sewing pattern I ever cut out. I used a simple sewing for dummies vintage purse pattern and it was so easy!

In this vintage purse craft video you can learn how to cut out any pattern!

Click here to see a video of how to cut out any pattern.

Start with a vintage purse pattern or some other sewing pattern that is not an article of clothing - this leaves a lot of room for error and will have less pieces to cut out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to Paint Linoleum Floors

Knowing how to paint linoleum floors the right way can really lead to quite good results. If you ever thought you were stick with your old linoleum floors simple because your budget wouldn't allow for those expensive French country kitchen floor tiles you have been drooling over, then I think you will really like this easy step by step instructions to painting your linoleum kitchen Floors...

Click to finish reading...

Vintage Coke Crate Desk Project

This super easy Vintage Coke Crate Desk Craft is a great way to create a vintage desk on a budget. I love collecting vintage coke crate and there are so many crafts to make out of them! This Vintage Coke Crate Desk would look great in a home office, a retro kitchen, and even an industrial loft!

Click here to finish reading how to make a desk using vintage coke crates!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top Ten Funny Pet and Animal Videos on YouTube!

Looking for some funny pet and animal related videos on You Tube? Ok we all love our pets and often video our pets being cute, crazy, or just themselves. No one can resists a well made and funny pet or animal video!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Craft Videos!!! 10 Craft Videos

Looking and looking for a few good craft videos. Well, I compiled 10 of my favorite craft videos in one place.

Crown Molding Turn Shabby Chic Office Storage!

You can easily re purpose an old piece of crown molding into a fun and pretty piece of office storage with a few tea cup hooks and a coat of paint!

You can also use this vintage Craft video and make a vintage coat hook for your front hall or mud room!

I love turning architectural details into vintage home decor, shabby chic home decor, kitchen pot racks, and more!

New Uses for Broken McCoy Pottery

After one of my little kitties knocked off one of my favorite McCoy vases, I decided I need to come up with a few new uses for McCoy pottery that has been damaged. Most people will not want to buy damaged McCoy pottery, so you might as well find some new uses for them around your home! Hopefully these ideas will help you disguise any damage on your McCoy pottery and find new uses for your collection.

Click here to read the rest...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chic Retro Kitchen Cabinet Craft Project

Ok, so you don't love the look of your kitchen cabinets. I bet you will after this neat idea for adding recipes to your kitchen cabinet doors.

You may not be willing to tackle a full fledged kitchen cabinet resurfacing project, but I bet you can easily take this DIY project on!

You can use your grandmother's recipe for super chocolate brownies and add a stylish flair to almost any kitchen cabinet! I hope you like this idea, it is a great Way to resurface plain kitchen cabinets in one day!

Be sure to choose a fun font for this great vintage DIY project!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vintage Rocking Chair Cat Bed!

Ok, I love my cats, but they shed!

So, I have this sweet little vintage rocker that was my grandmother's. I have been dying to get my two cats to lounge in it, like the furry little people they are!

I love this sweet little vintage rocker because it matches my vintage home decor and does not clutter up open floor space like a traditional cat bed.

Vintage Milk Paint + Milk Jugs = Fun and Whimsical Summer Lights!

Ok, I love milk paint and I really love using milk paint to make anything look vintage in a heartbeat!

You can use some milk paint, some milk jugs, and a string of inexpensive lights to make some fun and whimsical outdoor vintage lights for those summer BBQ parties!

Vintage Light Covers!

Free Art You Didn't Know You Had

Ok, so who wouldn't want some free art? Anyone who has ever moved into their first place knows that filling blank walls can leave a major dent in your budget.

Most of us have tons of free art we didn't even know we had! I love using everyday objects as free pop art, free vintage art, and free art all the time.

Hope you like my ideas for Free Art!

Click here to find out ideas for
Free Art
You Didn't Know You Had.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vintage Craft Videos and Craft Videos

If you are on the hunt for vintage craft videos and craft videos, then you have traveled to the right vintage craft web site!

Scattered throughout the blog are tons of links to all of my craft videos, vintage craft videos, shabby chic craft videos, recipe videos, vintage home decor videos, home decor videos, vintage decorating videos, shabby chic decorating videos, shabby chic DIY project videos, vintage DIY project videos, videos of crafts, videos of vintage crafts, and videos of all kinds!

I try to add vintage craft videos, shabby chic craft videos, craft videos, vintage home decor videos, retro kitchen videos, and more every week!

So, keep coming back for more craft videos, vintage craft videos, vintage decorating videos and more home decor videos.

And yes, I find this repeating as annoying as you, but with out these vintage craft video key words, YOU would never have found my Vintage Craft Blog!!

Hope you like what you see! Leave me some comments.

Tip: Look under MORE FROM REBECCA at the top for my favorite craft videos! Scroll down to see more! Hey, they can't all al be favorite craft videos can they?

Sweet Little Vintage Dresser

So, I have a a photo posted in the focus this week area an done right here of this sweet little vintage dresser I made a vintage craft video out of for Associated Content.
Now, I made a vintage craft video while I was doing it, but I am waiting for it to be published at Associated Content, so I though I might tell you a little more about it. Watching vintage craft videos is so much more fun than reading about it in my opinion!

To make the little shabby chic dresser (it really is a vintage recipe box with drawers) I first photocopied some vintage feed sack materials on my printer.

If you like the look of this shabby chic dresser (recipe box) then check back in for the video. I think it should be up in about a week.

Check out the video under More From Rebecca showing the antique white paint finish to see a similar final step.
Meanwhile I did write an article on how to do this.

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