Friday, April 20, 2007

Links to Spring Decorating Videos and a Word of Thanks!

Just wanted to give you those links to the Vintage Decorating and Spring Decorating Videos I talked about earlier! Hope you like the ideas!

Also, wanted to give a quick word of thanks to everyone checking out this blog! I am getting about 1,000 people a week checking my fun vintage crafts, vintage purses, vintage decor, and vintage everything out!

This really exciting since this Vintage Crafts blog is only about 6 weeks old!!

Here are your video links:

How to Turn Flea Market Finds into a Side Table for Your Couch.

This Video I know you will like. Anyone who loves to paint rustic painted furniture can use this paint technique. The painted used to create the rustic English Country furniture paint colors are:

Laura Ashley Pale Gold 2 (Found at Lowe's)
Delta Blue (Found at Walmart)

Click here to learn how to make this awesome

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