Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 Ways to Create a Custom Fit Refrigerator in Your Kitchen

Custom fitting a refrigerator using custom cabinets is expensive. If you have existing cabinets and your new fridge leaves a huge gab, it looks terrible.

There are a few ways you can make your refrigerator look like you custom fit it into cabinets on a budget.

Basically, these are all ideas for useful ways to fill in that open space surrounding your refrigerator to make it look like it was custom fit into the space no matter how old the cabinets are...finish reading...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eco Friendly Crafts

Looking for a few eco friendly crafts that will use up some of those recycled materials you have laying around the house? I decided to group all of my eco friendly crafts in one spot, it just seemed to make sense.

Over the past few months I have started focusing on creating eco friendly purses that use vintage fabric, eco friendly shopping bags to take to the grocery store, and fun ideas to get kids to go green.

Check out my newest blog: Eco Friendly Crafts
Hope this keeps your eco friendly crafts organized! I know it has already helped me!

How to Make Shelves with Baseball Bats

Looking to incorporate some baseball themed storage in your home office or child’s bedroom?

These simple baseball inspired shelves are a great way to display a collection, books or even toys.

You can make these simple basebal bat shelves in less than 2 hours. You should expect to pay about $50 or less. You can really save some money if you use existing baseball bats to make the shelves...finish reading...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Textured Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing: Grass Wall Paper Kitchen Cabinets

Grass wall paper is an awesome way to resurface old or outdated kitchen cabinets on a budget. You can use grass wall paper to add interest and detail to almost any type of kitchen cabinet if you prep the surface and pay attention to existing details on your kitchen cabinets...finish reading...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Places to Find Discount Pottery Barn Furniture

Discount Pottery Barn furniture seems too good to be true, then you will be happy to find out that is simply not true.

I come across discount Pottery Barn furniture all the time. No, you do not have to treck through a flea market either!

I love furniture and over the years have noticed that discount Pottery Barn furniture can be found at quite a few sources...finish reading...

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