Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 Ways to Decorate with Bookcases in the Bedroom

Bookcases can be used in some exciting ways in the bedroom and not just to hold rows of books! OK, bookcases do provide a ton of storage but they also add a huge visual appeal in the bedroom.

So, check out these 2 new uses for bookcases in the bedroom. They will add some visual excitement in the bedroom and give it a whole new look...finish reading...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ultimate Hobo Bag Pattern

This ultimate hobo bag pattern is easy to sew and even has 3 pockets inside! What more could you want?

Looking for the utimate hobo bag pattern? So was I , but now I think I have found it. It helps when you love the vintage inspired fabric the hobo bag pattern is made in as well.
I used a retro looking Heather Bailey fabric for this fun hobo bag pattern. The vintage curry yellow fabric looks amazing and really blends well with styles found today.
The inside of this vintage inspired hobo bag is a fun retro pattern named Dittybud - which is so sweet!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Vintage Purses, Retro Fabric, Reproduction Retro Fabric and More...

Well, could I have waited any longer to post? I have been listing eco friendly hobo bags made from recycled fabrics alongside many of the retro purses, vintage handbags, and new purse patterns made from Amy Butler fabrics.

Hope you enjoy the photos! Some of these retro fabrics and vintage fabrics I bought on Etsy as well as Ebay. The eco friendly purses have been made from recycling old skirts, vintage shirts, and more retro clothing.

Check out Retrofied.Etsy.Com

In need of a retro purse that will turn heads and make a timeless statement? Check out my new store Retrofied - a retro girl in a modern world. Retrofied