Friday, June 8, 2007

Read the Fine Print When Installing Wood Floors in Your Condo!

Ok, I have to brag. I have been busy getting estimates to have wood floors installed in my condo. The stuff I have on the floor now is outdated, dingy, and cheap linoleum and carpet from the 90’s. I bought the place this way and missed my good old wood floors from my previous home.

Anyway, we all want to buy discount wood floors, save money on our wood floors, and basically stay within our remodeling budget.

Well, I just saved $1300 on my wood floors by reading the fine print. If you live in a condo and are replacing existing floors with new wood floors, then make sure you know all the details.

Sometimes a condo will have rules that require “special” materials to be installed under your wood floors for either noise reduction or to fire proof your home. Well, I thought I was buying a product that required a very expensive “fire” ready plywood to be laid underneath the new wood floors.

After looking at the “ingredients’ or material used in making these pre fabricated wood floors, I realized I did not need the expensive treated plywood! Being able to skip the pre treated plywood saved me an additional $1300.

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